The District Medical Transport Service Ltd. Ceske Budejovice (ODZS), was transformed DZS District Institute of National Health in Ceske Budejovice, as his successor organization. Already at the time of al. Ltd. ODZS be rich as experience with medical transports, transport health workers in field service, providing sports and social events, providing medical services and first aid services.

Currently ODZS Ltd. engaged in the transport of sick, wounded and mothers, in conjunction with the Land Centre Rescue Service of the Ceske Budejovice (USZS CB).

Transport of the sick, wounded and mothers ODZS ensures the requirements of doctors and medical facilities as well as on the client (for direct payment).

Medical transports ODZS performed throughout the Czech Republic and the territory of Europe (ODZS is the contractual partner of assistance services).

Besides health transports, we deal with transport of medical personnel and physicians in the field service, also we provide a variety of sports and social events, such as:

  • football matches of SK Dynamo Ceske Budejovice
  • ice hockey matches of HC Motor Ceske Budejovice
  • in conjunction with USZS Rally Cesky Krumlov
  • international championship races in motocross in Kaplice and Jinín near Strakonice
  • various cycling championship races
  • Car races, social events, concerts etc.

Our Services

Our services are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week at four workplaces: in Ceske Budejovice, in Trhové Sviny, Tyn nad Vltavou and Volary.

all movements of mobile and immobile patients in the Czech Republic based on the voucher to the health transport of non-stop transportation
all ferries patients in CR for direct payment of non-stop
ensuring repatriation movements from and to the countries of the European Union and non-member countries to non-stop
ferries patients are provided with standard driver – healthcare, or two medics on client health care and qualified nurse, by appointment also doctor

Price List

Foreign countries:

25 CZK/km – all kilometres – vehicle with driver – crew waiting time induced by objective reasons – for each initiated hour – 200 CZK
27 CZK/km – all kilometres – vehicle with driver and nurse (paramedic) – crew waiting time induced by objective reasons – for each initiated hour – 500 CZK
30 CZK/km – all kilometres – vehicle with driver, doctor and nurse (paramedic) – crew waiting time induced by objective reasons – for each initiated hour – 700 CZK

Czech republic:

1 km – 100 km= 25 CZK / 1 km
200km += 21 CZK / 1 km
extra charge for escort= 10 CZK 1 / km
second crewmember= 10 CZK 1 / km
pick up / unload= 20 CZK

This applies to both routes. For handling (delivery, shutdown) always CZK 20.00, unless in the examination and waiting for the downtime – then by time.

Waiting= 200 CZK/hour
Ambulance= 300 CZK/hour
Nurse= 500 CZK/hour
Doctor= 700 CZK/hour – foreign countries = 700 CZK/hour

Ambulance vehicles

Currently ODZS has 45 ambulance vehicles these brands: FORD TRANSIT MWB 80, MWB 280, SWB 300, VOLKSWAGEN T4, MERCEDES-BENZ SPRINTER.


Na Sadech 23
370 01 České Budějovice
Tel: +420 387 313 000
IČP: 32 095 000
IČO: 638 86 421
DIČ: CZ638 86 421
executive officer Pražan Jaromír

Matice školské 17
370 01 České Budějovice
Tel: +420 386 352 222
Tel: +420 386 352 333
Tel: +420 387 730 441
Mobile: +420 606 788 000
Fax: +420 386 352 333
executive officer, director Mahr Pavel

The District Medical Transport Service Ltd. Ceske Budejovice is pleased to offer you our services:

  • all ferries patients 24 hours a day
  • removal of material
  • providing medical supervision at various events
  • ferries for direct payment in the Czech Republic and from abroad to

Service orders may be administered:

  • in writing – ODZS PK JIH, Matice školské 17, 370 01 České Budějovice
  • by phone – +420 386 352 222 (24 hours a day/7 days a week)
  • by phone – +420 386 352 333 (24 hours a day/7 days a week)
  • by phone – +420 387 730 441 (24 hours a day/7 days a week)
  • by mobile phone – +420 606 788 000 (24 hours a day/7 days a week)
  • by phone – +420 387 313 000 (carting 7:00 am – 15:00 pm)
  • by fax – 386 352 333
  • by email –
  • on dispatching at PK Jih – in the yard of polyclinic Jih (24 hours a day/7 days a week)
  • to the letter-box at the control center or to the clipboard Desk at PK Jih


When can I use your services (ambulance ride)?

Whenever you have a doctor (your attending, or practical) written statement of the medical transport.

And if I don´t have it?

It depends on the situation. If there is a shock, a sudden change in your health and other unforeseen events can contact us immediately and consult the situation with the dispatcher, which will be available on the phone.

What does that mean?

Suppose that at home you fall and hurt your hand. There is no one who took you to treat yourself and dare. Or do you have problems with hips and need treatment for medical emergencies. Then you can call the first aid medical services (LSPP), where the nurse will offer you several options.

And what about when I want to take daddy home from nursing home or hospital on the reverse?

There is nothing easier than to give us a call and arrange whence, where, when. Unfortunately this service is not covered by health insurance. It means that this service the customer must pay for itself. Award, see the attached price list.

This means that you also provide ferries for direct payment?

Yes. In case you need to transport the mother of her place of residence for you or your mom wants immobile once more see the places to which behaves memories, and such cases we can enumerate many.

And what about the need to transport abroad? Suppose I have here visit from Austria, becomes an accident them and they are not able to get home?

Again, I have to answer, call us and consult the situation with the dispatcher, who agree with you more details. Of course this also applies vice versa. If you are on vacation and something happens and you are unable to get themselves, contact us even if you have arranged travel insurance.

And when I hold any social or sporting event and I need to ensure the health or medical supervision?

Also in this case will not fail. The provision of such events, you can choose several options for staffing (medic, nurse and healthcare professional doctor) and of course the ambulance vehicle.

And what is your working hours?

Our working hours are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365-6 days per year.

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